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Automated Guided Vehicles

Moving goods in warehouses and factories is labor-intensive work, plagued by inefficiency, errors and safety lapses that cut into profitability. Picking goods in the warehouse can be even more problematic as varying product size, weight, demand and even seasonality create real challenges for optimizing product slotting and maximizing worker efficiency.

Using Automated Guided Vehicles can make all the difference – lowering labor costs, increasing productivity, and keeping staff out of the way of danger. Kollmorgen provides complete hardware and software solutions for intelligently automating standard forklifts and purpose-build vehicles.

Our NDC8 control solution for AGVs provides an application-independent automation platform. So you can use a single solution and skill set for upgrading your existing forklift design and for building a wide range of new automated vehicles. And AGV users can transport pallets, paper rolls, steel coils, entire shipping containers and more with unprecedented safety and productivity.

We have a global network of partners providing AGV solutions based on the NDC8 technology to various industries.

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