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blog | What is a Robotic Cluster? |
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Originally published 3/29/2018

Odense InfographicHuge demand for robots, cobots, AI and Industry 4.0 is driving innovation hubs across the globe.  Whether the focus is software, industrial robots, cobots, medical robots or something else - the best way to facilitate and attract talent is to huddle around academic centers and universities.  Thus is born a Robotics Cluster, which is a group of entities that – formally or informally – locate in close geographical proximity.  There are several Robotics Clusters popping up around the globe.  Here are two examples of robotics clusters in North America and Europe:

Denmark Robotics Cluster

Born from the hometown of the articulated robotic arm company Universal Robots, Odense Robotics is in Denmark which could be thought of as “Europe’s Gateway to Robotics” – it is a fitting location for a robotics cluster.   Odense was “named the No. 1 entrepreneur-friendly city in Denmark for 2015” and is home to academic centers such as University of Southern Denmark.  Odense Robotics notes that it is close to 40+ robot related education programs and has other clusters, education centers, companies and financing partnerships.  

SVR MappingNorthern California

It’s not surprising that the San Francisco Bay area is a hotbed of startup companies as well as research and development.  Silicon Valley Robotics (SVR) is a not-for-profit coalition of robotics companies and startups launched in 2010 focuses on networking and facilitating research between different industries.  Networking consists of a range of formal as informal activities from Happy Hour meetups to forums.  SVR also has a job section to connect robotic and AI startups with their next employees. 

The large demand for cobots, robots and robotic professionals is inspiring co-located robotics clusters to develop across the globe.  As we aspire to take artificial intelligence and collaborative robotics to the next level, no one group can do this alone – making information sharing critical to technology advancement.  This is what makes groups like Odense Robotics and SVR so beneficial to the cause.

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