Kollmorgen servo and stepper motion solutions play an important role in a variety of robots, including collaborative robots, industrial articulated robots, SCARA robots and surgical robots. Our expertise makes us a unique motion partner who understands the business and technical needs of both the robotic design engineer and the global supply chain manager in companies of all sizes, all over the world.

From prototyping to high-volume global production, we have global engineering and manufacturing capabilities to support your development processes and supply chain management (SCM) growth strategy.

What is it like to work with Kollmorgen on an advanced robotic design? Read about our partnerships with Universal Robotics, Kuka and the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC).

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Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are designed to learn and adapt as if they were a human coworker, which requires controlled, safe motion. Enabled by Kollmorgen servo motors, cobots and force limited robots bring new capabilities and efficiencies to industries such as packaging, factory automation, food and beverage processing, life sciences, medical automation and more.

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Industrial Articulated Robots

Build lighter, more compact industrial robots that perform with greater speed and precision. We deliver higher power density across a wide range of sizes and options.

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SCARA Robots

Ensure agile, precise and repeatable motion in compact robots for factory automation, light-duty assembly and life sciences applications.

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Surgical Robots

Robotic systems based on Kollmorgen motors and controls allow surgeons to perform delicate, minimally invasive procedures with greater success, from improving eyesight to saving lives.

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