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Electromagnetic Interference, or “noise,” poses a challenge to motion control engineers. Because EMI can cause unintended movement, mitigating the noise of unwanted electromagnetic signals is essential for sustaining precise motion. While there are various techniques to reduce EMI, the easiest and often least-expensive option is to properly bond shielded power and feedback cables to your system ground. If using a hybrid cable—with power and feedback integrated into one cable—proper grounding, shielding and bonding is vital for reliable performance.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why shielded cables are important
  • How to bond your cable to ground
  • Steps you should take to verify a good ground connection

About the Presenter(s)

Emily Blanchard
Emily Blanchard

Emily, Senior Training Specialist, has over 17 years of experience with Kollmorgen. Starting as an inside sales associate and progressing through various roles in the company, Emily found her passion for training due to her joy for learning – absorbing the plethora of educational insight provided by Kollmorgen’s blend of technical, sales, and product teams. Emily earned a BA in communications from Virginia Tech and chose to earn a MSEd in adult education and training to enhance her training speciality.