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Innovative ways of integrating into a smart factory will lead to collaboration between companies and functions. Interfaces from the IT system to the system components are possible. Isolated cells come together as a fully integrated, production flow, leading to greater efficiencies.

If you think System Integrators (i.e. companies who provide system integration as a service), Kollmorgen can help you too. Not only does Kollmorgen have system integration capability in-house, we also have System Integration Partners worldwide and local to you.

Automated Guided Vehicles 

AGVs interact with your IT system all the way to your machines, robots and products - enabling you to gain control and visualization of your flows and processes. It’s a proven technology and easy to integrate into your operation.   Learn more >>

Industrial Automation 

Our drives also connect to Profinet (Siemens), EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT Modbus/TCP.

KAS Controls can communicate with, and act as a gateway to, Ethernet TCP/IP (HTTP API), Profinet (Siemens), EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT.

Click here for an example of an actual KAS interface app 

Kollmorgen’s HMIs, which can connect directly to our controls and drives, offer OPC UA.