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Macro Language In_Outputs | 27 Jan 2012 | |

Macro Language In_Outputs

Valid for S300, S700

Digital Inputs and Outputs

If a digital input is used in a macro program it must not have a firmware function assigned:


If a digital output is used in a macro program it must have assigned the output function 23, "Slot-DPR":


The inputs and outputs will be addressed with INPUTx and OUTPUTx. Example:

IF INPUT3=1 THEN   // if digital input 3 is active
  OUTPUT1:=1; OUTPUT2:=0;  // switch output 1 on and output 2 off

Virtual Inputs

It is possible to assign standard I/O functions to the virtual inputs (input5...20 if no I/O option card is used) and change the inputs in a macro program. This way it is possible to use standard ready made functions with a macro program.

Inputs can be changed using th emacro SOFTIN. Bit 0 is for input 5, bit 6 for input 6 and so on.

In the following example virtual input 7 has been configured with function 16, "start motion task". With IN7TRIG = 0 the input 7 is used to start the reference move.

SOFTIN:=SOFTIN|0x04;    // set (virt.) Input7 to start reference move
SOFTIN:=SOFTIN&0xFFFFFFFB;    // set Input 7 back to 0 

Digital I/Os on the Expansion Card I/O -14/08

If an expansion card I/O14/08 is being used the additional I/Os can also be used in a macro program. To use them as general purpose I/Os set the according

INxMODE 0 and

OxMODE 23.

Macro names for the inputs and outputs can be seen in the following tables:

Input X11A Pin Makro
A0 1 INPUT11
A1 2 INPUT12
A2 3 INPUT13
A3 4 INPUT14
A4 5 INPUT15
A5 6 INPUT16
A6 7 INPUT17
A7 8 INPUT18
Reference 9 INPUT5
FError_clear 10 INPUT6
Start_MT Next 11 INPUT7
))Start_Jog(( v=x 12 INPUT8
MT_Restart X11B Pin1 INPUT9
Start_MT No. x Pin2 INPUT10

To read the inputs as byte use the byte macro variables SLOTX1 and SLOTX2.

TEMPVAR:=SLOTX2&0XFF;  //Read Inputs 11 to 18 into LONG variable TEMPVAR
TEMPVAR1:=SLOTX1&0X3F; //Read Inputs 5 to 10 into LONG variable TEMPVAR1 


Output (Default Function) X11B Pin Macro
Next-InPos 4 OUTPUT4
Sw_limit 1 6 OUTPUT6
Sw_limit 2 7 OUTPUT7
PosReg3 8 OUTPUT8
PosReg4 9 OUTPUT9
PosReg5 10 OUTPUT10

Analog Inputs

Analog inputs are read using the macro variables ANIN1 and ANIN2.

Scaling: +/-10Volts = +/-8192 Increments

Example for conversion to millivolts:

LONG CONST10T:=10000;
TEMPVAR1:=ANIN1; // voltage in incr., conversion from word to double word

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