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Continous Motion Task on AKD >

In some applications, it is necessary to execute a continuous velocity move for an undetermined length of time, and then stop at a specified angular motor position. This is done by using modulo and setting up a motion task to repeat itself…

Macro Language In_Outputs >

Valid for S300, S700

Macro Language Motion >

Valid for S300, S700

Position Latch with Macro Programs >

Valid for S300, S700 Parameterisation For input 1:  IN1MODE=26 For input 2:  IN2MODE=26 This activates the functions in principle. Latch Enable/Disable from within the macro program Enable of the individual edges : To…

MacroStar Software >

Valid for S300/S700

Macro Language >

Valid for S300, S700

Macro Programming >

Valid for S300, S700
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