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press_release | Front AGV Joins Forces With Kollmorgen to Create Top-Level AGVs -


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Photo: Front AGV

Front AGV, a Swedish integrator and designer of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), joins forces with Kollmorgen Automation to create top-level AGV solutions. Front AGV is part of 3BUTTON GROUP AB, an automation group specialized in user-friendly and advanced robotic solutions for the consumer, food and automotive industries. The solutions cover a range of processes in the manufacturing line; from machine tending, assembly and labeling, to picking, packing, and palletizing.

“Kollmorgen’s NDC Solutions is the logical choice for us. They provide a superior, reliable, and customizable software and hardware solution for vehicle routing and navigation – and we have a close collaboration. This enables us to innovate faster and build more optimized vehicle systems.” says Emil Arnesson, CEO, Front AGV.

“Front AGV is a very visionary and innovative vehicle designer. The ease-of-use and simplicity of their Production Butler AGV makes it perfect for end-users in need of compact and efficient vehicles that support their manufacturing lines. We are convinced that the demand for these types of vehicle systems will continue to grow” says Tobias Byfeldt, Vice President, Kollmorgen Automation.

Watch the video to learn more about Front AGV’s Production Butler:

About Front AGV

Front AGV AB (subsidiary of 3BUTTON GROUP AB) is a Swedish integrator and designer of AGVs & AMRs. 3BUTTON GROUP AB consists of: Front AGV AB, Front Automation AB, Fröjd Automation AB, and IML Technologies AB. The group specializes in user-friendly automation solutions for the for the consumer, food and automotive industries. Learn more at:

About Kollmorgen Automation

Kollmorgen’s NDC Solutions is the industry leading platform utilized by vehicle builders to create driverless logistics automation solutions. The platform consists of both software to route vehicles efficiently, and hardware for navigation and control. With Kollmorgen NDC8 you may automate virtually any type of vehicle or robot and integrate it to any type of material handling application, in any industry, worldwide. Learn more

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