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How do you meet the demands of everyday washdowns in a non-stainless-steel motor? How do you combine performance and versatility with outstanding value in a lightweight motor design? How do you determine which motor to specify in demanding environments such as food and beverage processing? Our upcoming webinar featuring the new AKMA servo motor explores these topics and more, including:

  • How to lower total cost of ownership and maximize productivity
  • How high cleanability delivers peace of mind and reduces recall risk
  • How lightweight AKMA motors bring durability and versatility to a wide array of medium and heavy washdown applications
AKMA Servo Motor in washdown

About the Presenter(s)

Jonathan Spensieri
Jonathan Spensieri

Jonathan Spensieri is the Product Line Manager for housed servo motors with Kollmorgen. He has over 10 years of experience in motion control sales and consultation, including over five years as a Field Sales Engineer for Kollmorgen. He has worked with countless customers, advising and guiding them to best-fit and best-performance solutions. In his current role, Jon draws on this experience in managing the AKM, AKM2G and Goldline servo motor lines.