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As technology changes the way humans and machines interact, opportunities to put new robotic driven capabilities into the hands of the warfighter continue to emerge. In addition to military drones and exoskeletons other types of defense and security robots include unmanned surface vessels, unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Regardless of the type of military robotic, accurate, reliable, durable motion solutions in a compact form factor are critical for your mission success. This session will help you choose the optimum motor design and size for your military robotic application.

  • Military robotics applications common needs and differences
  • Improving performance through optimized motor design
  • Sizing and selecting products for the military robotics

About the Presenter(s)

Tom S Wood
Tom S. Wood

Tom S. Wood, a 35+ year veteran in high-performance motion, has integrated motion control solutions as a machine designer, manufacturer’s representative, High-Tech distributor, and as a Kollmorgen Motion Control Product Specialist. He has extensive experience designing next-generation motion systems for the aerospace and defense industry as well as for robotics applications that improve everything from workplace safety to patient mobility. Tom enjoys helping engineers understand how to enhance their projects through frameless technology that delivers high performance in a compact form.