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You’ve chosen a hygienic motor. Now, how do you connect it while ensuring your hygienic design? Motor-cable connections don’t have to be a weak link in the hygienic design. In fact, cables and connections can ensure the reliability of the hygienic motor. Learn how to establish a reliable hygienic design in this webinar session hosted by Andy Sitzberger.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to identify a hygienic motor
  • How to select connectors and their placement
  • What cable types ensure reliability and hygiene
Hygienic Design: How Cable & Connection Decisions Address Critical Control Points

About the Presenter(s)

Andy Sitzberger

Andy enjoys helping innovators make the world a better place. As a Field Sales Engineer, Andy has over 13 years of experience assisting customers as technical advisor and solution strategist. His dedication to motion control and service have made him an integral asset to help solve demanding motion challenges.