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Course Summary & Content

This class is designed for Kollmorgen Motion Distributors, Motion Champions and Integrators. The class provides an introduction to Kollmorgen Basic Stepper system architecture/theory, Position Loop systems Brushed and Brushless motor technology, Feedback types and functionality. It also introduces amplifier technology - control loops Servo application considerations including RMS torque calculations, duty cycle, Gearmotor, amplifier, power supply sizing, and an introduction to the MOTIONEERING sizing software application.

Class Hours:

Tuesday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM – 4:30PM

This is a two (2) day class.

Course Requirements

Max. Class Size: 5

Unit Cost: $1,500/ Person

You will need to download the Workbench software and have it ready for class. While it is not required, having working motion knowledge / attending Motion 101 will be very beneficial.

About the Instructor

Gordon Ritchie: Your expert training specialist has over 31 years providing detailed application support to machine builders. Mr. Ritchie brings his years of experience as an Applications Engineer and Field Sales Account Manager into his current long-standing position as Kollmorgen’s Expert Technical Trainer. He holds many credentials include being a MCMA Certified Motion Control Professional. He currently provides instruction in over 60 classes per year as well as mentors application and technical support teams. Mr. Ritchie is an avid learner who enjoys the Blue Ridge Mountains and brings his love for photography and videography to help you envision what you can do with your next motion project.