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ICH Ironcore Linear Motors

Powerful precision - as much as you want

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs - with the ICH linear motors from Kollmorgen you considerably improve overall equipment effectiveness. Eliminate the costs for maintenance work out of your calculations! Linear direct drives from Kollmorgen increase throughput by up to 40% compared with other drive systems and enable smaller, lighter machines with high energy efficiency due to their compact design.

  • Maintenance-free iron-core linear motors with high power density
  • Direct power transmission without mechanical components
  • Special motor design ensures very quiet running
  • Feed force of 405 N to 12726 N (peak) and 175 N to 5341 N (continuous operation)
  • Isolation to 480VAC
  • Digital hall effect sensors
  • Compatible with all servo amplifiers and safety and energy-saving modules
  • Comprehensive development support from the Kollmorgen support team
Title Language(s) Date Type Size
pdfICH Direct Drive Linear Motor Selection Guide English 10 Jan 2017 Documentation 2.44 MB
pdfICH Linear Motor Installation Guide EN (REV B) English 22 Jul 2016 Documentation 933.86 KB
pdfICH / MCH Part Number Scheme English 16 Sep 2015 Documentation 20.37 KB
pdfICH Servomotor EU Declaration of Conformity EN English 21 Apr 2016 Certifications 495.65 KB
pdfREACH Declaration of Conformity English 01 Feb 2015 Certifications 88.07 KB
pdfGuide to the application of Machinery Directive 2006-42-EC English 01 Jun 2010 Certifications 1.6 MB
pdfEC Machine Directive 2009-127-EC English 21 Oct 2009 Certifications 817.6 KB
pdfEC Machine Directive 2006-42-EC English 06 Sep 2006 Certifications 1.37 MB
pdfProduct Safety Directive English 03 Dec 2001 Certifications 254.32 KB
pdfEU Product Liability Directive English 25 Jul 1985 Certifications 148.59 KB
pdfEAC Certification for Motors English, Russian 03 Jul 2017 Certifications 3.58 MB
pdfRoHS General Declaration English, German 01 Oct 2015 Certifications 44.37 KB
pdfRAPEX Leitfaden English, German 16 Dec 2009 Certifications 3.17 MB
Title Language(s) Type Date Size
Kollmorgen Automation and Motion Control English Catalog 01 Dec 2017 14.74 MB
Kollmorgen Automation Solutions Catalog English Catalog 01 Dec 2017 14.02 MB
Kollmorgen Direct Drive Linear Motor Selection Guide English Catalog 01 Jan 2018 3.82 MB
Kollmorgen ICH Direct Drive Linear Motor Selection Guide English Catalog 17 Jan 2017 2.46 MB
Kollmorgen Motion Components Brochure EN RevB English Brochure 14 Oct 2011 1.81 MB
Kollmorgen Automationslösungen Katalog German Catalog 09 Apr 2017 11.17 MB
KOLLMORGEN Motion Control- und Antriebslösungen Katalog CH German Brochure 03 Apr 2018 12.7 MB
Kollmorgen delle soluzioni per automazione e movimento Catalogo Italian Catalog 08 Jan 2018 11.2 MB
Kollmorgen otomasyon ve hareket kontrol çözümleri kataloğu TR Turkish Catalog 12 Feb 2016 11.05 MB
科尔摩根 运动控制及伺服系统解决方案 Chinese, Simplified Catalog 26 Jan 2018 16.64 MB