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AKD PDMM® Programmable Drive, Multi-Axis Master

The AKD PDMM® combines an AKD servo drive with a powerful, embedded motion controller in a single, compact package that can control up to 64 axes on your machine. It provides integrated control for multiple high-performance axes, complete I/O and HMI interfaces, and includes the full automation capabilities of Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ — giving you a single, scalable development environment for both AKD PDMM® and PCMM-based machines.

Product available worldwide
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Industry 4.0 Ready



  • Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ provides fully integrated programming, testing, setup and commissioning
  • Embedded web server utility simplifies service
  • Control 20 axes or more* while reducing machine footprint::
    • EtherCAT multi-axis master motion controller integrated with a standard AKD® drive axis
    • Full IEC61131-3 soft PLC for machine control, with support for all 5 programming languages
    • Choice of PLCopen for motion or Pipe Network™ for programming motion control
    • 32 kB non-volatile memory stores machine data to eliminate scrap upon restart after power failure
    • SD Card slot simplifies backup and commissioning, with no PC required
    • Onboard I/O includes 13 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 1 analog input, 1 analog output (expandable with AKT series of remote I/O)
  • Works with Kollmorgen Visualization Builder™ for programming AKI human-machine interface panels
  • Enables plug-and-play compatibility with your servo motor
  • Provides access to all the advantages of Kollmorgen´s breadth of motor platforms including AKM®, CDDR™, and other direct-drive technologies
  • Supports real-time performance feedback from Smart Feedback Devices (SFD), EnDat2.2, 01, BiSS, Analog Sine/Cos encoder, incremental encoder, HIPERFACE®, and resolver
  • Full-frequency autotuning ensures perfect motion across the performance spectrum

* Maximum axis count depends on motion/automation complexity and performance


  • Reduce panel space, wiring costs and build time with an AKD servo drive axis and a multi-axis programmable machine and motion controller in a single package—eliminating the need for a separate controller in many applications
  • Accelerate design time and simplify integration by using a single, scalable development environment to program AKD PDMM® as well as PAC-based applications up to 128 axes
  • Minimize risk and maximize performance with our industry-leading AKD drive hardware integrated with the proven architecture of Kollmorgen Automation Suite
  • Deliver advanced features in a higher-performing machine with the advantages of Pipe Network™ and Kollmorgen co-engineering capabilities
  • Control multiple high-performance servo axes without the need for a separate controller, saving cabinet space and wiring costs
  • Build a complete system with optimal performance using drives, motors, I/O modules, HMI panels and other components designed to work together


120/240 VAC
1- and 3-Phase
Continuous Current
Peak Current
AKD-M00306-xxEC-0000 3 9 168 / 6.61 89 / 3.50 156 / 6.14
AKD-M00606-xxEC-0000 6 18 168 / 6.61 89 / 3.50 156 / 6.14
AKD-M01206-xxEC-0000 12 30 196 / 7.72 95.3 / 3.75 187 / 7.36
AKD-M02406-xxEC-0000 24 48 248 / 9.76 100 / 3.94 228 / 8.98
240/400/480 VAC
3 Phase
Continuous Current
Peak Current
AKD-M00307-xxEC-0000 3 9 256 / 10.08 100 / 3.94 185 / 7.28
AKD-M00607-xxEC-0000 6 18 256 / 10.08 100 / 3.94 185 / 7.28
AKD-M01207-xxEC-0000 12 30 256 / 10.08 100 / 3.94 185 / 7.28
AKD-M02407-xxEC-0000 24 48 306 / 12.05 100 / 3.94 228 / 8.98
AKD-M04807-xxEC-0000 48 96 385 / 15.16 185 / 7.28 225 / 8.85

"xx" specifies MC or M1.
MC = 800MHz CPU, M1 = 1.2GHz CPU


KSM SmallOur modular safety solutions interface with AKD drives and Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ to provide seamless access to all important safe motion functions – including a complete range of PLe and SIL3 safe stop, velocity, position, direction and brake functions. Complete the motion safety chain, from sensor to drive, with our KSM-compact Safety Module or KSM-modular Safety PLC.

KSM Safety Solutions  

Get Started

Count on Kollmorgen support to help you design and build a successful machine and keep it reliably productive, anywhere in the world. Our co-engineering experts will work with you to tailor a perfect-fit solution for your motion requirements.

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pdfAKD Safety Notes EN DE FR IT PT ES RU ZH (REV A) Chinese, Simplified, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazil, Russian, Spanish 05 Feb 2020 1.11 MB
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pdfAKD 48A TUV Safety Certificate English, German 25 Aug 2015 609.75 KB
pdfAKD-x04807 EU Declaration of Conformity English 20 Oct 2017 15.9 KB
pdfApprovals and Certifications English, German, Russian 04 May 2017 2.66 MB
pdfEAC Certification for Drives English, Russian 06 Jun 2019 1.55 MB
pdfISO 9001:2015 Certificate English, German 07 Sep 2019 929.23 KB
pdfKollmorgen EU Declaration of Conformity AKD English 07 Oct 2016 191.07 KB
pdfRoHS General Declaration English, German 01 Oct 2015 44.37 KB
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Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide English 14 Mar 2019
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AKD Scalability Brochure EN RevC English 20 Oct 2014 5.32 MB
Kollmorgen AKD PDMM Servo Drive Flyer revB English 18 Nov 2013 859.11 KB
Kollmorgen Motion Components Brochure EN RevB English 14 Oct 2011 1.81 MB
PDMM Brochure revA EN English 16 Jan 2012 10.37 MB
Kollmorgen AKD PDMM Servoverstärker Flyer revB German 18 Nov 2013 860.09 KB
Kollmorgen AKD PDMM Servoazionamenti Opuscolo it-it revA Italian 14 Jun 2012 1.49 MB
AKD PDMM™集成伺服驱动器与自动化控制器 Chinese, Simplified 13 May 2016
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科尔摩根 运动控制及伺服系统解决方案 Chinese, Simplified 26 Jan 2018 16.64 MB

These 3D models are intended to guide your design activities and may be used as reference information. Be sure to consult a Kollmorgen expert to ensure you have the most current and accurate information for critical aspects of design work

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pdf12 AMP Power Cable English 13 Nov 2012 87.96 KB
pdf12 AMP Power Cable With Brake English 13 Nov 2012 53.81 KB
pdf24 AMP Power Cable English 13 Nov 2012 48.23 KB
pdf24 AMP Power Cable With Brake English 13 Nov 2012 72.42 KB
2D/3D Models for AKD-PDMM 120-240Vac, 12A English 15 Aug 2018
2D/3D Models for AKD-PDMM 120-240Vac, 3A, 6A English 15 Aug 2018
2D/3D Models for AKD-PDMM 240-480Vac, 3A, 6A, 12A English 15 Aug 2018
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pdfFeedback Resolver Cable English 13 Nov 2012 106.14 KB
pdfSine Encoder Feedback Cable English 13 Nov 2012 164.84 KB
Sample Projects
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English 23 Oct 2013 351.23 KB
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English 23 Oct 2013 289.5 KB
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