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These products have been discontinued. Please contact your Kollmorgen representative to obtain a suitable replacement. We continue to provide software and documentation for our discontinued products; use the filters below to find what you're searching for.  For additional support or questions, please contact us.

Title File Language Type Last Updated Older Versions
.LDO version numbers English Application Notes view all
02S_Produkthandbuch_de-DE English view all
04s Manual_de-DE English view all
04s_manual_en-UK English view all
12-Axis_Multi-Drive_Flyer_EN English view all
2100 Series Executive firmware upgrade procedure English Application Notes view all
230-430T_Instructions_en-US English view all
230-430_Installation_Manual_en-US English view all
230-430_Instructions_en-US English view all
230-430_Intro_Slo_Syn_en-US English view all
230-430_packaged_installation_EN English view all
3180_install_instructions_en-US English view all
3rd party software with COMM900 drivers English Application Notes view all
400030-24_400030-106_addendum-to-installation-operation-manuals English view all
4KS_Handbuch_de-DE English view all
4_Axis_Multi-Drive_Ebook_en-US English view all
4_Axis_Multi-Drive_Flyer_en-US English view all
5200_Programming_Reference_en-US English view all
5210_Instructions_en-US English view all
5220_Installation_Hardware_Manual_en-US English view all

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