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Data storage in Endat or Hiperface or BISS encoders | 28 Aug 2014 | |

Data storage in Endat or Hiperface or BISS encoders

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

Endat / Hiperface / BISS encoders which are used as feedback units, can store a limited number of parameters in the internal encoder EEPROM, for example the parameter MNUMBER (motor number, see Motor Database via File Selector) and MPHASE (encoder phase).

Every change of these parameters must be saved with the command HSAVE (in the terminal screen with disabled amplifier). Detailled information how to save these parameters are described in the application note Setup of an Endat or Hiperface or BISS encoder.

With Endat / Hiperface / BISS encoder data storage these problems can occur:

Fault code F04 (feedback error) is displayed after switching on the amplifier

Possible reasons:

  • no communication to the encoder
    Solution: connect the encoder, check the cable. Renishaw encoders might require resistor in the supply line to increase supply current. 
  • Wrong data in the encoder
    This error occurs with new encoders, that have never been initialized
    Solution: Initialize the data with the command HSAVE (terminal screen)
  • Hiperface encoder is not listed in the internal table and therefore can't be recognized.
    Solution: see WIKI page HSAVE Command (for internal use only, Customers: please contact customer support !).

Remark: The command is allowed only if the encoder has been recognized (that means the communication to the encoder works correctly). If communicatgion does not work, the command HSAVE will be answered with the error message „ERR CMD ERR (HSAVE)".

In this case you have to check the physical connection to the encoder first.

Warning n12 (default motor data loaded) is displayed after switching on the amplifier

Reason :
Encoder parameters are read by the amplifier while it boots up. The amplifier checks whether the motor number that is stored in the encoder fits to the motor number stored in the amplifier. If they don't fit, the motor number of the encoder is used to load the corresponding data set out of the amplifier's motor database. In this case the warning n12 "default motor data loaded" is displayed.

Solution :
When a data set has been selected in the motor database, the selected motor number should be saved to the encoder with the command HSAVE and then with the command SAVE to the amplifier. After switching off and on the amplifierno warning occurs any more.

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