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Setup of Acceleration Profile Tables

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

Create table with Excel, normalize current / position values


Save as DOS *.CSV file and edit (commata)

Split several tables with ";". Maximum 16 tables are allowed, maximum 8,000 points are allowed.


Convert table in the DOS screen with calclk_52b.exe

Download this tool from page Tools.


Download the file with the "Drive Can Download Tool"


Testing of motion task profile tables

Check the table with LOOKUP as a trigger signal.


Tables 0 to 3 are predefined Acceleration profile tables. Table 4 is the new table.


Trigger! LOOKUP user defined + Trigger Level 4


Create motion tasks with the table

Total motion time = Acceleration ramp + Deceleration ramp.



If the speed is not zero at the beginning or at the end of the movement, then the motor axis will jerk.