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Module 2CAN

Usable with S300, S600, S700


Connector X6 of the servo amplifier is assigned to the signals for the RS232 interface and the CAN interface (see Connectors). It is therefore not the standard pin assignment for these interfaces, and a special cable is required to be able to use both interfaces simultaneously.

The 2CAN expansion module provides the interfaces on separate Sub-D connectors. The two CAN connectors are wired in parallel. A termination resistor (120 ohms) for the CAN bus can be switched into circuit if the  is at the end of the bus.

Standard shielded cables can be used for the RS232 and CAN interfaces.


2CAN module for S300/S600 2CAN module for S700

Front cover

Wiring example with S300

RS232/CAN RS232 CAN1 = CAN2
X6 Pin Signal X6A Pin Signal X6B=X6C Pin Signal
1   1 Vcc 1  
2 RxD 2 RxD 2 CAN-LOW
3 TxD 3 TxD 3 CAN-GND
4   4   4  
5 GND 5 GND 5  
6 CAN-LOW 6   6  
7   7   7 CAN-HIGH
8   8   8  
9 CAN-HIGH 9   9  


Data sheets for the expansion card can be found via File Selector, set document type filter to "Add On Document"