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press_release | Kollmorgen and RML Machinery form a strategic partnership |
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Kollmorgen, a global leader in AGV and AMR technology, is excited to announce a new partnership with RML Machinery.

With over 40 years of hands-on experience, RML Machinery is acknowledged as a reliable and experienced one-stop-shop machine builder, specializing in customized system solutions and AGV applications. As industries increasingly seek to expand automation in their intralogistics, RML Machinery finds itself at the forefront of delivering tailored solutions where quality, precision, and innovation constitutes the core of their business.

“We see this partnership as a powerful alliance," says Tobias Byfeldt, Vice President & General Manager, at Kollmorgen Automation. “RML Machinery's experience and commitment to addressing the unique needs of customers, allows us to together offer automation solutions that exceeds the end-users’ expectations.”

By utilizing the proven technology, service, and support offered by Kollmorgen, RML Machinery is dedicated to deliver comprehensive expertise for their valued customers in New Zealand, Australia, India, and South East Asia.

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