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press_release | Ceteas Selects Kollmorgen as a Technology and Service Partner |
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Ceteas Selects Kollmorgen as a Technology and Service Partner

Ceteas has selected Kollmorgen as a technology and service partner for their AGV applications made in Abruzzo. The strategic partnership is aimed at growing end-user operations by simplifying and streamlining their processes.

With over 40 years of experience, Ceteas has become a trusted specialized material handling consultancy for the Italian industry. Their wide range of full-service solutions cover intralogistics in both manufacturing and warehousing.

“Running multiple plants with multiple types of solutions is very demanding for our customers. We want to simplify their operations by developing a one-stop solution to manage their entire supply chain. In that context, Kollmorgen is the ideal partner for our AGV offering – as their reliable and customizable AGV technology allows us to do exactly that,” says Matteo Di Cosimo, automation manager of Ceteas.

“We see a great opportunity to help Ceteas grow their business and build excellent solutions for their end-users. Ceteas has a solid position and reputation in the Italian market, and their initiative to create more consolidated and coherent solutions for serving large-scale applications is completely aligned with our One Solution Strategy,” says Tobias Byfeldt, Vice President, Kollmorgen.

About Ceteas

Established in 1980, Ceteas Srl. is an Italian material handling consultancy specialized in intra logistic solutions.Their solutions range from warehouse software and shelving systems, to forklifts and automated warehouse equipment. Ceteas plays a role of consultant for cost reduction in the area of hardware used for the handling and storage of goods.

About Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen’s NDC Solutions is an industry leading platform utilized by vehicle builders to create driverless logistics automation solutions. The platform consists of both software to route vehicles efficiently, and hardware for navigation and control. With Kollmorgen NDC8 you may automate virtually any type of vehicle or mobile robot and integrate it into any type of material handling application, in any industry, worldwide. Learn more at:

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