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Kollmorgen Servo Boxing Robots Move to Virginia Tech -
North America

Radford, VA – July 28, 2021 – Heads will be turning, or maybe even popping, when the Kollmorgen team officially moves their life-size Servo Boxing game to Virginia Tech on Thursday, July 29. The popular servo boxing robots stir nostalgia for the Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robot game, where each boxer tries to knock off their opponent’s head. This inventive version of the classic game is fully automated with precise motion components from Kollmorgen, based in Radford, VA.

The large-scale game, built by Kollmorgen in 2013, has been updated through the years to demonstrate how the company’s innovative motion technology helps equipment manufacturers increase efficiency, uptime, throughput, and machine life. The servo boxing demo will find a different use in its new home in the Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering department.

In addition to being a fun game of “servo boxing”, it will educate and inspire engineering students interested in automation. The boxing robots use remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to demonstrate Industry 4.0/IoT/Cloud capabilities. Students will be able to see firsthand how these features will support new motion platforms for the future.

“Kollmorgen is honored to be able to provide this demo to Virginia Tech. We strongly support the VT engineering educational efforts and encourage new motion and robotic technology advancement,” said Mike Crowe, VP Americas Sales & Customer Service at Kollmorgen and Hokie alum.

The Robots demo is scheduled to be transported on Thursday, July 29 starting around 9 am and traveling through downtown Radford, Christiansburg, and Blacksburg on a large open trailer. Be sure to watch for them and cheer them on as they make their way to Virginia Tech.

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