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The motion profiles triangular and 1/3 trapezoid are ​commonly ​used for their simplicity of design. ​However, using​ a triangular profile can be too aggressive in many systems, and a 1/3 1/3 trap doesn’t always provide the traverse time needed to complete the move. Engineers often adjust these profiles, trying different solutions until one works. In this session, Hurley reveals some simple profile adjustments that can preserve motion, move time and provide alternate memorable profiles.​​​​

In this session you’ll learn: 

  • ​​Learn the advantages and disadvantages of triangular and 1/3 trap motion profiles​
  • ​​Visualize how application needs affect the profile​
  • H​​​Learn ​​h​ow to use an adjustment template to fine​-​​ ​tune the application profile​


About the Presenter(s)

Hurley Gill
Hurley Gill

Hurley Gill is a senior application engineer at Kollmorgen. With over 40 years of expertise in the motion control and automation industry, he is often called upon to solve the toughest of application challenges for Kollmorgen customers. Hurley holds a B.S. degree in electrical and electronic engineering technology from Virginia Tech. When not focusing on motion control, Hurley enjoys data analysis, harmonics and building/rebuilding projects.