Kollmorgen ServoDisc™ Brush DC Motors

ServoDisc™ motor technology offers a slotless, ironless design with zero cogging for precision at all speed ranges, including single-digit rpms. The flat, thin armature provides for a compact form factor while enabling quick acceleration, deceleration and direction changes. The low-voltage DC design allows operation with simple drive electronics and a basic, convenient power source including battery power.

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  • Common modification options include application-specific mountings and connectors, gearboxes and feedback devices, sealing and ruggedization, materials and coatings, and electromagnetic configurations
  • Co-engineered modifications available to suit demanding applications such as life-critical medical devices, military equipment, semiconductor wafer manufacturing and delicate material handling
  • A broad torque range, from 0.12 N-m to 33 N-m, accommodates a wide variety of applications
  • Torque is nearly instantaneous from start of rotation, with a flat torque curve throughout the speed range
  • Long brush life, up to 1.2 billion revolutions or more
  • Absolutely zero cogging, even at very low rpms
  • High acceleration, from 0 to 4,000 rpm in under 60 degrees of rotation and as little as 10 milliseconds
  • Peak torque of up to 10 times continuous torque without risk of demagnitization
  • Small axial size is ideal for portable equipment and machines with tight clearances




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