SynqNet Software

Kollmorgen offers innovative software solutions for programming every part of the machine, from the servo drive level, to the automated coordination of machine axes, to the human machine interface. Our broad selection allows you to choose the best programming environment for your engineering resources and machine requirements.

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Motion Programming Interface (MPI) offers a set of object-oriented, C/C++ functions and data types for simplifying development of motion control applications for 32-bit platforms including SynqNet™ controllers. MPI is designed to be independent of the operating system and compiler used.

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MPX is a Windows-based .NET application-programming interface (API) for SynqNet controllers. Built around Visual Basic, it provides an alternative way of writing code for users who do not want to work with C/C++ code using the standard MPI libraries.

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MechaWare™ is mechatronic toolkit for SynqNet® controllers. It offers the ability to build and implement user-defined control algorithms built from pre-defined function blocks designed to address issues of system resonance, vibration control and settling time performance.

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DSP Series Controller Software

The DSP Series is a legacy series of motion controllers. We provide an API for C/C++ programming of these controllers, as well as a tool for rapidly compiling DSP code for use on the latest SynqNet hardware.

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