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01-22-01-000 (Beta Release) | 25 Jul 2023 | |

01-22-01-000 (Beta Release)

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Version: 01-22-01-000   Release Date: July 07, 2023

Field Bus Specific Issues
  New Features

  • New virtual inputs (smiliar to digital HW inputs) added for fieldbus access (S-24147)
A new functionality was introduced: 8 virtual inputs can be controlled via various fieldbuses (CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus etc.). The virtual inputs have the same function set as the hardware digital inputs, however can be easily accessed via fieldbus. The user is also able to map the signal into cyclic data and therefore achieves a very fast reaction time of the input function to execute.

The following keywords have been added:
  • VDINx.MODE: Select the virtual input mode.
  • VDINx.PARAM: Optional configuration parameter.
  • VDINx.INV: Polarity of of the selected virtual input.
  • VDINx.STATE: Returns the selected virtual input state.
  • VDIN.STATES: Returns all virtual inputs states.

The keywords can be accessed via acyclic channel like SDO for CANopen/EtherCAT.
In addition, the VDIN.STATES can be mapped and read via cyclic data (TXPDO for CANopen/EtherCAT) and be written cyclically to activate functions (RXPDO for CANopen/EtherCAT).
  Fixed Bugs

  • IL.CMDACC not scaled properly for FBUS.INTERPOLATEMODE 1 (11195,D-09307)
The calculated IL.CMDACC in a jog move controlled via EtherCAT was too low and dependent on the fieldbus cycle time.

The IL.CMDACC shows now the correct median value and is not dependent on the fieldbus cycle time any more.
General Issues
  Fixed Bugs

  • Secondary feedback power supply not turned off when overcurrent fault happens on AKD-P-FDCN drives (D-09443)
When an overcurrent fault is detected on the secondary feedback power supply of an AKD-P-FDCN drive, the supply should be turned off, but wasn't.

The secondary feedback power supply is now correctly turned off, when an overcurrent fault is detected on an AKD-P-FDCN drive.
Feedback Issues
  Fixed Bugs

  • Intermittent SFD failure (F413) at initialization of SFD 3 encoder (S-24380)
On certain machine configuration, the initialization of the SFD 3 encoder fails intermittently and creates a F413 drive fault.

The drive initialization sequence for SFD 3 has been updated to make it more robust.

Temporary Workaround:
Clear the drive error F413, which will trigger the re-initialization of the SFD 3 encoder. Also please check proper connection of the feedback cable to the drive. (114.41 MB)

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