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Unmanned ground, aerial and undersea vehicles (UGVs , UAVs and UUVs) have transformed both offensive and defensive capabilities—performing dangerous jobs by remote control without putting personnel in harm’s way. UAVs depend on rapid, precise control of flight surfaces, tracking systems and weapon systems. UGVs and UUVs require the same precision for traction control, video systems, articulated manipulators and more. Kollmorgen supplies affordable servo solutions that are ideal for these mission-critical applications.

Compact Performance for Complex Tasks

UAVs need to be small and lightweight to stay airborne for extended periods and escape detection. UGVs and UUVs need the ability to perform complex motions in confined spaces and harsh environments. Often, unmanned vehicles are designed to be expendable. These requirements call for compact, light, energy-efficient servo systems that can respond instantly and precisely under adverse conditions. And they must be available in virtually unlimited supply at an affordable price.

A Custom Fit for Any Application at a Standard Price

Kollmorgen servo motors lead the industry in torque density and precision, providing the small size, light weight and uncompromised performance these unmanned vehicles require. With our unique co-engineering capabilities, we can modify standard motors to meet the specific requirements of difficult military applications. And we can produce these co-engineered components in quantity, on time, at price points comparable to our standard products.

Solutions that Save Lives, From a Motion and Defense Expert

Ever since the founding of Kollmorgen, we have been a preferred supplier of motion components for defense systems, renowned for 100 percent dependability. With the increasing reliance on unmanned vehicles, we continue to innovate to meet the needs of an ever-changing battlefield.


Direct Drive Linear and Rotary Motors

Kollmorgen pioneered the development of direct drive technology. Today, our Direct Drive Rotary (DDR) and Direct Drive Linear (DDL) motors bring you industry-leading performance, zero maintenance, clean mechanical assembly, improved accuracy, higher throughput, better reliability, and smooth, quiet operation.

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