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R2A Series

The R2A Series offers a carriage bearing design that produces lower bearing friction, smoother operation and zero running clearance. A flexible seal prevents environmental contamination and ensures long life to provide an effective, industrial-grade solution. Belt-drive models offer the most rapid moves, while screw-drive designs offer the highest thrust capacity and repeatability.

Limited availability outside North America
Rodless Positioners - R2A Large


Motors available for use with the R2A Series include:

  • Kollmorgen T22T and T31T Series hybrid stepper motors (P7000 drive recommended)
  • Kollmorgen R2A-AKM23C, and 23D Series AKM™ brushless servo motors
  • NEMA 23, 34 and custom motor mounts


  • Lead screw, ball screw or timing belt drives
  • Max length: 1,829 mm (72 in)
  • Max thrust: 450 N (100 lbf), screw models
  • Max speed: 2,000 mm/s (80 in/s), belt models
  • Stepper, brushless servo and custom motor options
  • Internal guide bearings:4 angular contact bearings with a ground Gothic arch raceway running on dual precision rails
  • Bearing housing: Type 380 die-cast aluminum, epoxy coated
  • Carriage assembly: 6063-T6 aluminum, hard-anodized
  • Guide housing: 6063-T6 aluminum, hard-anodized, Teflon-impregnated
  • Acme screw: 0.625" diameter alloy steel screw, bronze nut
  • Ball screw: 0.625" diameter hardened alloy steel screw; alloy steel, heat-treated ball nut
  • Belt drive: 0.5" wide polyurethane with steel reinforcement cords
  • Helical gearing: alloy steel, case-hardened


  • Standard or custom lengths to 0.1 inches
  • English or metric carriage mount
  • Motor or screw brakes
  • Magnetic home and limit sensors
  • Single or dual carriages
  • Belt or helical gear, parallel or inline direct transmission
  • Water resistance protection


MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Ball Screw Drive Lead Screw Drive Belt Drive
Max. Stroke Length, mm (in) 1830 (72)
Profile, mm (in) 51 x 51 (2 x 2)
Guide Type Roller Guides
Screw Leads (in/rev) 0.5, 0.2 0.2, 0.125  
Screw Diameter (in/rev) 0.625 0.625  
Bearing 4-Gothic arch raceway on dual precision rails
PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS Travel life standard: 25.4 km (1,000,000 in)
Max. Thrust Force, N (lbf) 450 (100) 320 (72)
Max. Velocity, mm/s (in/s) 760 (30) 2000 (80)
Max. Carriage Load:  
Normal, N (lb) 22 (5)
Roll Moment, N-m (lb-in) 5.6 (50)
Pitch Moment, N-m (lb-in) 11.3 (100)
Repeatability, mm (in) +/-0.025 (0.001) +/-0.25 (0.010)
Max Duty Cycle (%) 100 60 100
Limit Sensors Optional Optional Optional
Std. Operating Temp Range, °C (°F) -28 to +60 (-20 to +140)
Environment IP 44 rated: Splash-proof, protected against ingress of solid particles greater than 0.040 <1 mm> diameter.

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