N2 Series Electric Cylinders

The N2 Series is an economical, light-duty electric cylinder with a small package size designed for exceptional durability and ease-of-use. The complete system provides simple extend-retract motion, positioning either to predetermined stop locations or to an analog voltage input.

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Motors available for use with the N2 Series include:

  • Kollmorgen T22T/V and T31T/V Series hybrid stepper motors (P7000 drive recommended)
  • Kollmorgen AKM23C and AKM23DSeries AKM brushless servo motors
  • NEMA 23 custom motor mount


  • Max stroke length: 571 mm (22 in)
  • Max thrust: 2,670 N (600 lbf)
  • Ball or lead screw drive: 2, 5 or 8 revolutions per inch pitch
  • Stepper, servo and custom motor options
  • Type 380 die-cast aluminum, epoxy-coated bearing housing
  • Type 304 stainless steel, 1/4 hard, polished thrust tube
  • Ball bearing support
  • 6063 T-6 aluminum, hard-coated anodized and Teflon-impregnated cylinder housing
  • Polyurethane wiper seal
  • Carbon steel acme or ball screws



  • Standard or custom lengths to 0.1 inch
  • Threaded, eye, spherical or clevis rod ends
  • Magnetic home and limit sensors
  • Water resistant option
  • Linear potentiometer output



Lead Screw Version

Ball Screw Version

Max. Stroke Length, in (mm)  

22.5 (571.5)

22.5 (571.5)

Screw Lead, in

0.2, 0.5

0.2, 0.5

Screw Diameter, in



Unit Backlash, in (mm) 

0.016 (0.40)

0.015 (0.38)

Dimensional Standard

English NFPA Std.

English NFPA Std.

Motor Mount

Parallel or Inline

Parallel or Inline


Travel life standard: 25.4 km (1,000,000 in)

Max. Thrust Force, lbf (N)

600 (2670)

600 (2670)

Max. Velocity, in/s (m/s)

12 (0.3)

30 (0.76)

Max. Rated Duty Cycle



Std. Operating Temp Range, °F (°C)

32 to 140 (0 to 60)

32 to 140 (0 to 60)


Humid, Not Direct Contact

Humid, Not Direct Contact




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3D Models and Outline/Dimension Drawings

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3D Interactive Models

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