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EC3 Series

The EC3 Series provides robust electric cylinders for moderate to heavy thrust loads. Ball or lead screw types yield quiet operation, low backlash and high accuracy, with a choice of motor-to-screw reduction types. Exceptionally durable bearing and drive housings are available with optional environmental features to resist moisture and contaminants. The special design minimizes the need for routine maintenance.
Limited availability outside North America
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Motors available for use with the EC3 Series include:

  • Kollmorgen T32T/V Series hybrid stepper motor (P7000 drive recommended)
  • Kollmorgen AKM23C,23D,42E and 42G Series AKM™ brushless servo motors
  • NEMA 23 custom motor mount


  • Max stroke length: 1,000 mm (39.4 in)
  • Max thrust: 7,200 N (1,620 lbf)
  • Ball and lead screw driven with 4, 5, 10, 16 mm leads
  • Stepper, brushless servo and custom motor options
  • Bearing/drive housing: 6063-T6 aluminum, anodized
  • Mounting plates: 6061-T6 aluminum, cast aluminum plate, anodized
  • Thrust bearings: angular contact, high thrust ball bearings
  • Lead screw: carbon steel alloy, nut: bronze
  • Helical gearing: alloy steel, case-hardened
  • Guide cylinder: 6063-T6 aluminum, hard-anodized
  • Thrust tube: 300 series stainless steel, 1/4 hard and ground
  • Ballscrew and nut: heat-treated carbon steel alloy
  • Belt/pulley: AT-5, polyurethane with steel tensile cords


  • Standard or custom lengths to 1 mm
  • Motor or screw brakes
  • Threaded, spherical or clevis rod ends
  • Environmental protective boot
  • Timing belt, helical gear and inline direct transmission
  • Flange, clevis, side and trunnion cylinder mounting types
  • Magnetic home and limit sensors
  • Linear potentiometer output
Mechanical Specifications Lead Screw Version Ball Screw Version
Max. Stroke Length, mm (in) 1000 (39.37) 1000 (39.37)
Screw Lead, mm 4 16.10,5
Screw Diameter, mm 20 20
Unit Backlash, mm (in) 0.40 (0.016) 0.25 (0.010)
Dimensional Standard Metric ISO6431 Std. Metric ISO6431 Std.
Bore Size, mm 63 63
Motor Mount parallel or inline parallel or inline
Performance Specifications Travel life standard: 25.4 km (1,000,000 in)
Max. Thrust Force, N (lbf) 7200 (1620) 7200 (1620)
Max. Velocity, m/s (in/s) 0.20 (8.0) 1.28 (50)
Max. Rated Duty Cycle 50 100
Std. Operating Temp Range, °C (°F) -30 to +70 (-22 to +158) -30 to +70 (-22 to +158)
Environment IP54 Std. IP65 Opt. IP54 Std. IP65 Opt.
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EC3 English
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