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AKD-N Multiaxis Servo System

The decentralized drive system consists of a central power supply and robust IP67 rated servo drives, which are placed nearby the motor. The system offers everything that is needed for the next generation of machine design - and removes everything that hinders the simplicity. Power supply as well as safety and fieldbus communication are combined in one single hybrid cable of only 11mm diameter. On the motor side there is also only one cable needed for power, brake control and feedback. Altogether leads to cable savings in the machine of more than 80%.
The drives cover a power range up to 4 kW. Safe Torque Off as grouped or single control are part of the standard equipment. Tertiary EtherCAT output and local STO are available as options.
Product available worldwide
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Industry 4.0 Ready


  • Multiaxis system, consisting of central power supply AKD-C and up to 16 servo drives AKD-N
  • Rated voltage 400V…480V, 3~
  • Drive in three current ratings 3 / 6 / 12 A
  • Protection class IP67
  • Feedback types SFD, SFD3, Biss C, EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, Hall, Comcoder, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL
  • EtherCAT fieldbus


  • More compact machines through smaller cabinet
  • Savings in cabinet air conditioning due to reduced drive losses
  • Faster setup due to significantly reduced cabling
  • Maximum degree of freedom in motor selection
  • Less hardware and reduced cabling through integrated I/O
  • Complete integration into AKD servo drive family

AKD-N: Decentralized Servo Drive

  AKD-N00307 AKD-N00607 AKD-N01207  
Continuous output current 3A 6A 12A Kollmorgen Decentralized Servodrive AKD-N
Peak output current 9A 18A 30A
Environmental area IP67
Size 75x130x201mm³ 75x130x252mm³
Fieldbus EtherCAT
Feedback SFD, Biss C, EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, Hall, Comcoder, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL
I/O 3 digital inputs, 1 digital output
Vibrations 3M5
Options Tertiary fieldbus (-DF)
Local STO SIL 2 / PLd (-DS)
Tertiary fieldbus with two cable feedback (-DF)
Tertiary fieldbus with single cable feedback (-DG)
Local STO SIL2/PLd with two cable feedback (-DS)
Local STO SIL2/PLd with single cable feedback (-DT)

AKD-C: Central Power Supply for up to 16 AKD-N

Rated supply voltage 400…480V, 3 phase Kollmorgen PowerSupply AKD C 1
 Continuous output power 10 kVA
 Peak output power 20 kVA
 Environmental area IP 20
 Size 329x80x198mm³
 Fieldbus EtherCAT
 STO SIL 2, PL d
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pdfPart Number Scheme Cables (decentralized systems) English 08 Jan 2018 20.95 KB
WorkBench Online Help English 07 Nov 2018
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pdfAKD-C EU Declaration of Conformity English 20 Oct 2017 15.93 KB
pdfAKD-N EU Declaration of Conformity English 20 Oct 2017 16.01 KB
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AKD-N Brochure EN revA English 10 Feb 2014 2.79 MB
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