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The drive toward higher efficiency in manufacturing has primarily focused on higher-power motors for heavy-duty industrial applications. However, robot performance depends on a very different set of criteria. More than the speed efficiency gains sought in heavy industry, robotic application designers seek to minimize size while maximizing output power. This web session will answer three critical questions to help you choose the optimum motor design and size for your robot:

  • What does efficiency mean for robotic applications using permanent magnet motors?
  • How do I specify the proper permanent magnet motor size?
  • How do the robot’s thermal constraints impact permanent magnet motor selection?
Improve Robot Efficiency Through Motor Design and Selection, Kollmorgen

About the Presenter(s)

Todd Brewster
Todd Brewster

Todd has over 32 years of experience in the electromagnetic design of permanent magnet motors at Kollmorgen. This experience includes designing high-efficiency motors for a wide range of industrial and medical applications including servos, elevators, electric vehicles, heart pumps and robots. Todd earned his electrical engineering degree at Virginia Tech.