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Human Collaboration: The Future of Robotics

Collaborative robots, cobots and robotic systems are designed to learn, adapt and work safely beside their human counterparts

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Food & Beverage

Simpler to design and build. Easier to clean and maintain. Longer lasting. More innovative. Kollmorgen motion can make your machine extraordinary.

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Medical and Laboratory Automation

From the radiology department to the surgical table,
better motion means better healthcare.

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Packaging & Converting

More precise cutting, folding and forming. Faster, more flexible changeover. Faster throughput. Minimal errors and scrap. Better motion makes the difference. 

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Hygienic Stainless Steel Servo Motors

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Save time, cost and space with this innovative multi-master servo drive. Integrated with Kollmorgen Automation Suite™, PDMM controls up to eight axes or more of high-performance motion.

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PMX™ Stepper Motors

Providing Kollmorgen performance,
quality and design flexibility in an affordable,
low-cost solution.

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    About Kollmorgen

    Innovators consistently rate Kollmorgen as one of their best motion systems manufacturing partners. Whether you are looking for classic servo motors; direct drive servo motors; stepper motors; drives & amplifiers; gearheads; actuators; or CNC & multi-axis motion controllers; Kollmorgen is one of the few companies in the world whom actually design and manufacture all of these products.

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    Check out our blog posts, covering a wide range of topics, as well as some interesting contributing authors with lots of motion control experience.

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    Check us out at some of these highlighted seminars, training events, and tradeshows with a Kollmorgen presence, as well as featured informational videos and more.

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