Motor and Drive Accessories

Kollmorgené o seu fornecedorde fonte única paratodos osacessórios que você precisapara instalar omotor completo/solução de unidade.

Accessories - Cables - Medium


We offer the highest-quality CAN, Ethernet, motor power and feedback cables.

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Regen Resistors

During braking with the aid of the motor, electrical energy is fed back into the drive. If excess energy is not dissipated, an over-voltage fault can occur. A regeneration or “regen” resistor allows your drive to function normally during deceleration.

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Chokes and Filters

Line filters improve reliability and help protect machine life in less stable environments. Motor chokes reduce radiated emissions and are recommended for applications with cable lengths greater than 25 meters.

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Power Supplies

Most of our drives feature integrated power supplies. However, some models require an external power supply, and some feature a DC bus that allows you to power multiple drives from a single external supply. We offer power supplies for use in these situations.

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