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A Kollmorgen é uma peça-chave na revolução da Indústria 4.0, fornecendo soluções para robótica e veículos guiados automaticamente com 2 mil pessoas empregadas em todo o mundo. Nossa infraestrutura, nosso conhecimento intelectual, nossa paixão e nossa experiência são a prova de nossa busca pela excelência em Motion. E devido à nossa herança de personalização, vemos oportunidades, não obstáculos.

Por que trabalhar conosco?

Há mais de cinco décadas, a Kollmorgen desenvolveu a tecnologia Direct-Drive que possibilitou a criação de algumas das máquinas mais inovadoras da atualidade.

Ajudamos os engenheiros a construir o primeiro coração artificial autônomo. Nossa abrangente engenharia no local resultou no primeiro tear de jato de ar da China para fabricação, e temos sido pioneiros na tecnologia de motores híbridos para transporte há duas décadas.

Trabalhamos juntos para termos sucesso juntos.

Veja nossos valores e a cultura da nossa empresa

Conheça nosso pessoal

Senior Software Engineer
Lars, Kollmorgen Sweden

When you find yourself explaining complex software details to your non-tech friends, and they all look like giant question marks, then you know you are a full-blood techie. Fortunately, around here, I am not alone!

 I develop and upgrade systems for optimum performance through continuous iterations. The best thing about this place is that things are developing all the time. Literally, whatever code we write, it directly shows up in the real world, immediately impacting our test vehicles’ behavior. That’s pretty cool! And I can’t imagine another workplace with this many nice and competent colleagues! I’ve been here a long time now, and I’m planning on staying.

Studied: Computer Science, Chalmers University of Technology

Heather Hawley,
Quality Engineer, Operations
Heather Hawley, Quality Engineer, Operations

I chose to study engineering because I didn’t want to limit myself to one specific industry, product, or career path. I wanted to have the opportunity to make a real impact in a variety of markets, and that’s exactly what we do here at Kollmorgen! We manufacture products for a wide range of applications, from life-saving medical equipment to industrial automation and robotics, so the opportunities for growth and learning are endless!

My first and current role with the company has been as a quality engineer for a brand-new product line we’re developing. This job has been an amazing learning opportunity as my role within the team continuously evolves as we transition from the design and prototyping stages to manufacturing on a highly automated assembly line! Problem-solving is at the core of both my day-to-day tasks and my long-term projects, so I’m always on my toes. Every day I work with our associates on the production line to help them remove unnecessary challenges from their jobs and produce parts with fewer defects by using tools and principals such as automation, standard work, and lean manufacturing. This job is so fulfilling to me because I get to work on a diverse team and see data-supported improvements in quality from the changes we implement.

Kollmorgen provides me opportunities for growth every day when I come to work, but the company is also supporting me as I continue my education. They are providing me with financial support through the tuition assistance program as well as the flexibility to take classes toward a master’s degree in industrial systems engineering. I’m very grateful to work for a company that finds so many ways to invest in the continuous improvement of its employees.

C.J. Snider,
Manufacturing Engineer Tech II
CJ Snider, Manufacturing Engineer Tech II

I started with Kollmorgen at the Rock Road, Radford, VA USA manufacturing plant as a Machinist after studying Machine Technology at a local university. I instantly felt right at home in the work environment at Kollmorgen. This was my first Machinist position, so I was nervous about how I was going to perform applying to real life what I’d learned in school. Everyone was so willing to help and share their years of experience. I was promoted to 2nd Shift Lead Machinist at our Kollmorgen Rock Road plant and then transitioned into a first shift Machinist role at Kollmorgen Main Street in Radford, VA USA.

I spent 5 years at Rock Road and, although it was a big step relocating to another Kollmorgen plant, the culture of Kollmorgen encourages growth and I was determined to continue to learn. I truly enjoyed working at Main Street and Rock Road, but after almost 9 years of moving around in Machining positions I was still wanting to grow within the company. I am a true believer in “hard work pays off”. I accepted a Manufacturing Engineering Tech Role back at my home base at Rock Road. I’ve been in this role for one year and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. After 10 years at Kollmorgen, spending almost equal time at two plants, I can say with confidence I am looking forward to another 10 years with his amazing company!

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