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PMX  Series Stepper Motor
            PMX  Modifications and Special Features

            Kollmorgen’s flexible manufacturing is shifting the viewpoint on custom motor capabilities.
            Kollmorgen offers extensive experience in stepper motor enhancements and value-added stepper motor assemblies. Localized
            support provides technical solutions, leading to swifter prototype evaluation and time-to-market. Kollmorgen’s ability to
            co-engineer – customize shafts, lead wires, connectors, encoders, gearboxes, etc – provides real flexibility to optimize each
            motor, making it easier to drop into existing applications with minimal adjustments.

                  Shaft Modifications                           Encoders
                  A variety of motor output shaft modifications can   Kollmorgen can supply and mount customer-specified
                  be supplied, allowing swifter integration into drive   encoders. This includes different encoder types (i.e.
                  mechanism.                                    incremental, absolute) and line counts.
                     • Special shaft diameters and shaft lengths
                     • Special shaft details including: flats, dual flats,   Gearboxes
                       slots, and thru holes                    Kollmorgen has immediate spur and planetary gearbox
                     • Spline shafts, helical gears, fixed acme lead screws  solutions available. These extend the torque range of the
                                                                motors and ship pre-mounted from the factory for your
                  Electrical Modifications                      convenience.
                  Kollmorgen can swiftly evaluation special winding
                  considerations and attempt to match current, resistance,   Complete Sub-Assemblies
                  or inductance requirements for swifter control integration.   Partnering with Kollmorgen for full co-engineering design
                                                                adds significant value in motion selection. Complete sub-
                  Connectors and Cabling                        assembly solutions mean less integration and engineering
                  Motors can be supplied with customer-specified   to perform. Sub-assemblies can ship directly from the
                  connectors for swifter incorporation into existing cabling.   factory allowing for reduced machine SKU count and
                  Non-standard lead lengths and cable options can also be   swifter production readiness.

                                                                                                                 ENCODER: HS30A-200P-6A
                                           PULLEY OPTION
                                             LEADSCREW OPTION
                               To review non-standard capabilities, contact Kollmorgen today at

     6                                                                                                 1-540-633-3545
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