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P7000 Stepper Drive-Controller  P-Series Stepper Drive Nomenclature

 P7000 stepper drives offer a unique level of system functionality, smoothness,     P-Series Stepper Drive
 high-speed performance and innovation unmatched in the industry.

 The compact P7000 is designed to power Kollmorgen step motors ranging from   P7  03  6  0  –  SD  N
 NEMA size 17 up to NEMA size 42. Two power configurations are available for
 operation directly from AC power, or from a DC power supply.   P-Series        Customization
             P5 = P5000 Series                                                  Omit field for standard configurations
 There are two levels of control offered. The basic drive accepts step and   P6 = P6000 Series  000 = Optimized for Standard POWERPAC
 direction inputs. P7000 drives are also available with an integrated position   P7 = P7000 Series  001 = Optimized for Enhanced POWERPAC
 controller (-PN option). The drives are configured by either on-board dip      PMX = Optimized Powermax Settings       MODEL NOMENCLA
 switches, or with the P7000 tools software.   Current Rating                                                           P-SERIES DRIVE NOMENCLA
             03 = 2.5 Arms continuous, 3.5 Arms peak (AC models only)
 Advanced P7000 Features Make it the Best Choice to Meet Your Application Requirements  05 = 5 Arms continuous, 7.2 Arms peak (DC models only)  Feedback Device
             06 = 5.7 Arms Continuous, 8.0 Amps peak*
                                                                                 N = No feedback, with mating connectors (P6000)  TURE
 Multistepping ™  Dynamic Smoothing
                                                                                 O = No feedback, no connectors
 Also known as auto-smoothing. The P7000 drive accepts full step pulse   Quasi-S-curve algorithm reduces jerk, especially upon acceleration.   Voltage Range
 commands from the indexer and inserts fine micro-steps to smooth coarse   Increases mechanical life of the machine and reduces energy consumption.  3 = 20 - 75 Vdc
 low speed motion. This allows you to significantly upgrade machine   6 = 120/240 Vac (160/320 Vdc)  Fuctionality       TURE
 performance without having to redesign machine control architecture.  Intelligent Indexing Option (-PN)
                                                                                 PN = Motion node indexing
 Wizard-like P7000 helps you to develop and link motion tasks such as            SD = Step/direction base drive,
 Auto-Tuning  Electrical Options                                                           Internal VCO (P5000)
 homing and conditional and unconditional indexing. You can be up-and-
 Advanced current auto-tuning techniques provide outstanding low-  running quickly.  0 = None  R4 = RS485 (P70360 only)
 speed smoothness. The P7000 senses the motor’s characteristics and
 automatically fine tunes itself to meet your high-performance needs.   Modbus RTU Compatible
 This reduces installation and set-up time.
 The intelligent indexing option (-PN) supports Modbus RTU to control
 motion with an external interface device. External interfaces make
 Mid-Band Anti-Resonance Control
 controlling motion simple for machine operators.
 Reduces negative effects of mechanical resonance, allowing you to get
 more out of a smaller motor and virtually eliminating nuisance stalls and   P7000 Tools
 machine downtime.
 The position node option allows you to configure up to 63 absolute or
 relative moves. You can specify the moves’ distance, acceleration, velocity,
 Idle Current Reduction
 and deceleration rates, or simply specify the distance and total time for
 If you do not require the motor’s full torque to hold a load at rest, you can   the move – P7000 will perform the calculations automatically.
 select the right amount of current (torque) to reduce motor heating and
 power consumption. This increases the life of the system.

 Specifications  Units  P70530  P70360
 Input voltage range  Volts  20 - 75 Vdc  120 or 240 Vac
 Continuous current  Amps rms  5  2.5
 Microstep peak current  Amps peak  7.1  3.5

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