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P5000 Stepper Drive-Controller

            Big Performance,

            Micro Package.

            The P5000 is a compact micro-stepping stepper drive
            optimized for high system performance with Kollmorgen’s
            industry leading POWERMAX II stepper motors. It is an
            impressive yet simple addition to the Kollmorgen stepper
            drive family.

            Optimized. Smooth. Compact.

            Pairing a stepper system doesn’t get any easier! The P5000
            and Kollmorgen stepper motors are meant to be together. With Kollmorgen
            motor windings optimized for the P5000, all you have to do is set the dip switches   P5000 Stepper Drive
            for the motor you are paired with and you have a smooth operating system that fully   (Shown Actual Size)
            utilizes the potential of your Kollmorgen motor and drive combination!

            • Current output from 0.7-3.5 Arms peak; DIP switch selectable in   • Compensation for mid-range instability*
              0.2 Amp increments
                                                            • VCO Mode
            • Bus Voltage 20-75 Vdc
                                                                  • CW Limit Input
            • Wave matching for Kollmorgen motors to provide optimal         • CCW Limit Input
              performance for the Kollmorgen Stepper Motor Families.
                                                                  • Run/Stop Input
            • All Inputs and Outputs are Optically Isolated
                                                                  • Run/Stop Output
            • Command Source from External Step and Direction Inputs
              or Internal Velocity Controlled Oscillator (VCO); DIP switch         • CW Speed trimpot
              selectable                                          • CCW Speed trimpot
            • External Single-Ended Step and Direction Command        • Accel/Decel trimpot
                  • Disable or Fault Reset Input            • DIP switch selectable micro-stepping-resolution settings
                  • Fault or Enable Output                  • RoHS & CE certified
            • Pulse Multiplier smooths micro-stepping*      • UL pending
            • Idle Current Reduction; DIP switch selectable

            *Patents Pending

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