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                                                               Table of Contents

                                                                 u PMX  Series Stepper Motor                  4
                                                                 u  PMX  Modifications and Special Features   6
                                                                 u  PMX  Series Technical Overview            7
                                +                                   and Performance Curves by Frame Size:
                          PMX Stepper Motor Family               u  Specifications, Dimensions, Performance Data

                                                                     PMX08 Series Stepper Motor
                                                                     PMX11 Series Stepper Motor              10
                                                                     PMX14 Series Stepper Motor              16
                                                                     PMX17 Series Stepper Motor              20
                                   Though Kollmorgen PMX stepper     PMX23 Series Stepper Motor              28
                                   motors are fully functional with
                                   3rd-party drives, they are best   PMX34 Series Stepper Motor              38
                                   paired with Kollmorgen P-Series   u  PMX Stepper Motor Model Nomenclature  43
                                   stepper drives.
                                                                 u  Stepper Motor General Technical Guide    44
                              P-Series Stepper Drives
                                                                 u Stepper Motor Application Worksheet       46

              = Optimal Solution                                 u  P-Series Stepper Positioning Drives      48
                                                                 u  P-Series Model Nomenclature              53

                How To Use This Selection Guide:                Where To Order:
                This guide covers the technical information required to select and   Kollmorgen utilizes an experienced channel of Authorized High-Tech
                order PMX Series hybrid step motors. Select the proper motor using   Distributors (AHTDs) to assist our customers with applications,
                one of the following procedures:                sizing and selection, ordering, and technical support. Visit our
                • If you’re already familiar with these motors and the available   Distributor Locator to find locally available distributors.
                  options, refer to the Model Nomenclature on pg. 52 to verify the
                  part number and corresponding motor options prior to order.
                • If you’re not familiar with PMX motors and available options: first   Kollmorgen Customer Service Representatives are also available
                  refer to the Frame Size Overview, pg. 7, and Technical Overview,   by phone or e-mail and can assist in selecting and contacting local
                  pg. 8. To further evaluate individual winding specifications   distributors.
                  refer to the Drawings and Performance Data, using the table of   • North America: 1-540-633-3545, [email protected]
                  contents above as a reference for each frame size. After all the   • Europe/Middle East/Africa: +49 (0) 2102 9394 0, [email protected]
                  technical parameters and options are determined, construct a
                  part number using the Model Nomenclature (pg. 52).  • Asia: +86-400 661 2802, [email protected]

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