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The Cartridge DDR  Advantage – Press Feed Machine
            Consider how Cartridge DDR technology improves a Press
            Feed machine:

            Reduced Assembly Time                               Improved Reliability and Simplified Maintenance
            The assembly time for the original mechanical transmission system was   The Cartridge DDR system eliminates parts that wear, change over time,
            4 hours. In contrast, the Cartridge DDR motor is installed in less than 5   or fail. Gearboxes are prone to wear, and backlash increases over time.
            minutes, resulting in a significant cost savings in labor.  Belts and pulleys stretch and require maintenance to maintain proper   SER
                                                                belt tension. By eliminating these components, the Cartridge DDR system   V
            Reduced Parts Count                                 delivers greater system reliability.                    O MO
            The original mechanical transmission system comprises 2 bracket pieces,                                     T
            12 bolts, 2 pulleys, 2 set screws, 2 keys, a timing belt, a housing to   Press Feed Example
            protect operators from the timing belt, a tension system for the timing   Gearboxes have a finite life span, especially in a demanding cyclic   ORS
            belt, and motor/gearbox. With the Cartridge DDR system, this is all   application such as a Press Feed. On this machine, the gearbox must be   C
            replaced by the motor and 4 mounting bolts, resulting in fewer parts to   replaced every 10,000 hours and the belt must be tensioned every 2,000   AR
            maintain and cost savings.                          hours. By contrast, the Cartridge DDR motor has no wear components and
                                                                requires no maintenance thus simplifying the maintenance schedule for
            Improved Accuracy                                   the machine and reducing operating costs.

            The best planetary gearboxes have a backlash between 1 and 2 arc-
            minutes. Over the life of the gearbox, the backlash will increase. The   Reduced Audible Noise
            Cartridge DDR system has an absolute accuracy of 26 arc-seconds and   The Cartridge DDR system has as much as a 20 dB reduction in noise   TRIDGE DIRECT DRIVE RO
            a repeatability of 0.7 arc-seconds. The Press Feed machine with the   compared to a mechanical transmission servo system. This can dramatically
            Cartridge DDR has a feed accuracy of +/- 0.0005 inch where the Press   reduce the overall noise level of the machine. A quieter machine gives the
            Feed machine with the mechanical transmission has a feed accuracy of   perception of quality. This is rightfully so as the noise emitted by gears and
            0.002 inch. Therefore, there was an overall four times improvement in   belts is caused by the wearing of the parts.
            machine accuracy with the Cartridge DDR system.
                                                                Total Reduced Cost                                      T
            Increased Throughput                                A Cartridge DDR motor typically costs 20 percent more than a comparable   AR
            The cycle rate of the Cartridge DDR system is two times better than the   motor/gearbox combination. However, the elimination of parts and
            mechanical transmission. This results in an increase in throughput of 100   assembly time typically results in a lower total cost for the Cartridge DDR
            percent.                                            solution.                                               Y (CDDR) MO


                    Press feed machine built with a conventional   Same machine with a Cartridge DDR motor installed. Here, the shaft of the driven roll is extended
                       servo motor, gearbox, belt and pulleys.  into the Cartridge DDR motor and the motor applies torque directly to the driven roll.

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