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Cartridge Direct Drive Rotary (DDR ) Motor

            The Cartridge DDR  Motor is the first in the industry to combine the space-saving and performance advantages of frameless
            DDR technology with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor. Cartridge DDR motors also feature an advanced
            electromagnetic design that provides up to 50% more torque density than comparably sized conventional servo motors.
            Consisting of a rotor, stator, factory-aligned high-resolution feedback device, the Cartridge DDR motor uses the machine’s
            bearings to support the rotor. An innovative compression coupling secures the Cartridge DDR’s rotor to the machine shaft, and
            the Cartridge DDR’s housing is bolted to the machine frame with a bolt circle and pilot – just like a conventional servo motor.
            Also, mechnical transmission components are eliminated, saving space and design time while simplifying the overall system.
   O MO
                                                                            Up to 50% higher torque density
                                                                            than conventional servo motors
               Hollow shaft opening for
               continuous motor shafts
               (optional)                                                                    Simple machine shaft
                                                                                             connection due to
                                                                                             patented clamp coupling

              Repeatability improved by up to
              60 times compared with motor/
              gearhead combinations
                                                                                              Installation onto machine
                                                                                              flange, no bearings
                                   Simple attachment with 4 bolts

   Y (CDDR) MO
                       Advantages of the Cartridge DDR Motors       Performance Overview
                       •  Quick assembly within 5 minutes           •  5 frame sizes from 108 to 350 mm
                       •  Direct power transmission without mechanical   •  17 different lengths and 52 standard windings
                         components reduces operating and maintenance costs  •  Continuous torques of 4.57 Nm to 510 Nm

                       •  Low cogging and thus smooth running at low speeds  •  Speeds up to 2500 rpm
                       •  The backlash-free design improves the system's   •  Integrated, high-resolution sinus
                         response characteristics                      encoder (optional)

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