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                                                                                                                        O MO
              The Advantages of Rotary Direct Drives                                                                    SER
             • Superb performance data                       • Maximum torque density thanks to innovative, electromagnetic
                                                               design minimizes the motor's spatial requirements.
                                                             • Extremely quiet running with low cogging values and low harmonic
                                                               distortion (THD)
                                                             • Wide speed range and high acceleration values            DIRECT DRIVE RO
             • Reliable and safe operation through careful construction  • Doubly secured magnet mounting on the rotor of the high-speed
                                                               models through bonding and additional Kevlar tape overlay
                                                             • 155°C-approved internal winding temperature and thermistor
                                                               overtemperature protection guarantee safe continuous operation in   T
                                                               demanding applications                                   AR
                                                             • Insulation materials with UL approval facilitate the certification of
                                                               higher-level assemblies                                  Y MO
                                                             • All materials are RoHS-compliant                         T
             • Configurable design reduces the time-to-solution to a minimum  • KBM series offers 14 frame sizes with several design lengths  ORS
                                                             • TBM series offers 3 frames sizes with 3 stack lengths per frame
                                                             • Cartridge DDR series offers 5 frame sizes with several design lengths
                                                             • Housed DDR series offers 4 frame sizes
                                                             • Standard sensor feedback with hall effect sensors
                                                             • Insulation types for high and low voltage
                                                             • Several winding options with customer-specific windings upon
                                                             • Changes to the mechanical connection are easy to perform

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