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Direct Drive Rotary (DDR ) Motors

            Kollmorgen offers a comprehensive selection of direct drive motors

            in different sizes and performance ranges. Direct drive motors are
            characterized by their high precision, reliability, and above all being

            maintenance-free. Mechanical components for power transmission such as
            belts or gearheads are not necessary – you just need the motor and bolts

            for mounting.
            The Cartridge and Housed DDR motors combine the performance

            advantages of direct drives with the simple installation and the handling
            advantages of conventionally housed motors. By contrast the KBM™  and
   Y (DDR) MO
            TBM series direct drive motors, with no housing, can be perfectly tailored to
            the application thanks to a unique construction kit principle.

            All drives can be combined with AKD or ADK PDMM series servo drives,

            and the powerful Kollmorgen Automation Suite development environment

            is available for application programming.

            Regardless which drive technology you decide on, Kollmorgen provides
            right solution and optimum support during the development phase.

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