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Direct Drive Linear Motor  The Benefits of Direct Drive Linear Motor

              • Zero Maintenance with Greater Accuracy and Higher Bandwidth  • Smoother velocity and reduced audible noise
                                                                • Power transmission without backlash
 Our direct drive linear motor series provide new dimension in   • Transmission elements such as couplings, toothed belts,
 performance with high throughput, accuracy, and zero maintenance. The   ball/lead screws, rack & pinions, and other fitted components  SER
                                                                  can be eliminated
 product line are frameless, permanent magnet, three phase, brushless   • No gears or screws, no lubrication required   O MO
 servo motors. The DDL product line consists of two fundamental   • Improved machine reliability                        T
 constructions, Ironless (slotless) and Ironcore. Ironless motors have no   • Wide Range of Sizes and Force to Cover any Linear Application  • Increased performance for the entire system  ORS

 attractive force between the framless components and zero cogging for   • Flat, compact drive solution

 the ultra smooth motion. Ironcore motors provide the highest force per   • Easily mix / match motors and drives
                                                                • Real-life acceleration up to 10 G
 frame size. They feature a patented anti-cogging design which yields   • Simplified, High Force Permanent Magnet Design  • Higher bandwidth and faster response than ball/lead screws or  T
                                                                                                                        DIRECT DRIVE LINEAR MO
 extremely smooth operation.                                      rack & pinion solutions                               OR
                                                                • Rapid indexing of heavy loads with peak force up to
                                                                  12,500 N (2,800 lb)                                   DIRECT DRIVE LINEAR (DDL) MO
                                                                • Reduced audible noise, fewer parts and lower cost of ownership
                                                                • More compact machine design                           T


                                                                                                                TM TM
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