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Higher Productivity Due to Quicker Cleaning

            •  Ideal for machines with an open design
            •  No costly protective equipment; no hidden spaces to trap pathogens
            •  Quick, easy, yet safe cleaning                                                                           SER

            Reduced Recall Risk                                                                                         V
            •  Lubricants and seals meet FDA standards.                                                                 O MO
            •  Round, stainless steel housing with a roughness of < 0.8 µm and the                                      T
              design of all edges with radii of R1.5 prevent dirt deposits                                              ORS

            Higher Machine Uptime

            •  IP69K: Motor is protected for water pressures up to 1450 PSI                                             AKMH W
            •  Cable is directly mounted to motor; no connectors to fail or trap pathogens
            •  Single-cable technology with digital feedback (SFD3 or HIPERFACE  DSL
              digital resolvers); less cabling to clean                                                                 ASHDO

            Outstanding Efficiency Thanks to Novel Motor Design                                                         WN
            •  Torque derating under 20%                                                                                MO
            •  High speeds of up to 8000 RPM offer more flexibility for gearbox attachment                              T
              and higher productivity due to higher output speeds with the same torque                                  OR
            •  AKMH2 is the most compact hygienic servo motor on the market

            Optimized Motion with 19 Frame Sizes

            •  5 sizes each with 4 rotor lengths and winding options for perfect adaptati-
              on to servo drives
            •  Two housing shapes for front and flange mounting

            One Source for Your Complete Automation Solution

            •  The Kollmorgen Automation Suite  provides all the tools for motion
              and PLC programming and for drive management in operation
            •  AKD -PDMM multi-axis controller: The 3-in-1 solution combines servo
              drive, motion controller, and PLC in one device

                Thanks to the open machine design without protective housings, machines can also
                be cleaned quickly and safely using high-pressure and high-temperature processes.

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