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The Advantages of AKMH Hygienic Stainless Steel Servo Motors

            Increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
            Faster and environmentally friendly cleaning   •  Open, hygienic machine design without protective housings
                                          •  Considerably lower consumption of cleaning agents; less dirty water
            No machine downtimes as a result of cleaning or   •  Protection class IP69K for motor housing, cable gland, and shaft seal  SER
            corrosion                     •  Designed for regular high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning           V
                                          •  Cable and sealing components are resistant to common cleaning agents
                                          •  No corrosion inside the motor: Pressure compensation through the cable prevents moisture in the motor  O MO
            Lower operating costs         •  Higher machine availability due to quicker cleaning                        T
                                          •  Faster cleaning reduces the consumption of cleaning agents and energy      ORS
                                          •  High energy efficiency due to motor / servo drive combination with a high degree of efficiency
            Higher throughput             •  Quick and precise drives in combination with the AKD servo drives
                                          •  Process monitoring and optimization with Kollmorgen's software tools        AKMH W

            Lower risk of recalls
            Hygiene-optimized housing design   •  Housing is 316L or DIN 1.4404 Stainless Steel with smooth surface prevents the build-up of pathogens
                                          •  Fluids drained with vertical installation thanks to convex cover
                                          •  No place for pathagens to hide - no nooks and crannies in housing design   ASHDO
                                          •  Thanks to a laser annealed nameplate, the surface finish is undisturbed
            Use of approved hygienic components  •  Bearing lubrication and shaft seals FDA-approved                    WN
                                          •  Observance of the EHEDG and 3A Sanitary Certificate hygienic regulations
            Hygienic cable technology     •  Silicon tubing option provides an FDA-approved cable option suitable for use with food   MO
                                          •  Low cabling costs due to single-cable technology - no need for expensive stainless steel conduit
                                          •  Non absorbant cabling prevent pathogens from hiding in the cable jacket material  OR
            Reduced development times and design freedom
            Ideal motor design            •  Large selection of standard motors allowing customers to optimize their motor selection
                                          •  19 frame sizes, flange and shaft measurements as per IEC and NEMA
                                          •  Continuous torques up to 22 Nm, peak torques up to 92 Nm
                                          •  Speeds up to 8000 rpm -1
                                          •  SFD3 and Hiperface DSL digital feedback systems
                                          •  Brake and cable options

            Simple start-up and parameterization  •  Plug-and-play connection with pre-assembled connectable cables, no screw connections
                                          •  Simple machine architecture due to single-cable and decentralized connection technology
                                          •  Digital nameplate for quick start-up
                                          •  Software tools for parameterization and drive monitoring

            Low energy consumption        •  High efficiency due to permanent magnet technology
                                          •  20% less derating due to special motor design
            Kollmorgen support            •  Kollmorgen’s global support team has a wealth of industry knowledge to help optimize your machine
            Co-engineering                •  Kollmorgen welcomes customization to help optimize your motor/drive solution

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