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The Design Features of AKM in the 3D Model


                                                                        Multiple feedback systems for a wide variety    SER
                                                                        of requirements.                                T
                                                                                                                        O MO
                                                The modular brake prevents contamination                                ORS
                                                of the friction surface and faulty air-gap
                                                configuration during brake assembly.

                          The integrated front bearing shield
                          increases stability and ensures improved                                                      AKM BRUSHLESS SER

                 The gearing in the shaft prevents the
                 loosening of the brake hub.                                                                            V

                                                                                                                        O MO
                                                                                         The robust powder coating      T
                                                                                         and O-ring seals offer reliable   OR
                                                                                         protection for the motor in harsh
             The encapsulated front bearing                                              environments.
             prevents axial backlash.

                                                                  The housing design allows for
                                                                  installation in the tightest of

                                       Optimized electromagnetic design
                                       for high torque density and minimum

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