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Power Range

            AKM frame sizes 2 to 6 with standstill torques of 1 to 25 Nm, supply
            voltages of 75 to 480 V, large selection of different construction
            lengths, winding variants, as well as feedback systems and connection
            technologies.                                                                                               SER

            Application Criteria                                                                                        V
            Designed for environments with acids, bases, or aggressive substances                                       O MO
            such as frequent cleaning with cleaning agents with pH values of                                            T
            between 2 and 12 (painted areas only).                                                                      ORS

            Housing Coating
            The coating material of the AKM Washdown motors is resistant to
            acids and bases and aggressive substances and meets the global
            migration requirement of the FDA. The rounded and smooth surfaces
            prevent hazardous contamination traps and germ formation.                                                   AKM BRUSHLESS SER

            Seals and Bearings
            Both Washdown versions meet the IP67 protection rating. The proven
            AKM PTFE shaft seal is used. For the AKM Washdown Food version,                                             V
            the shaft seal meets FDA requirements and only food-safe lubricants
            are used.                                                                                                   O MO

            Connectors and Cables                                                                                       OR
            Each in size 1 with special stainless steel design and smooth surface.
            Cables with special mating connectors are used from stainless steel or
            a material appropriate for maintaining food quality. The cables are
            clamped using a special clamping method.

            International Standards
            UL, CE, FDA*, RoHS, EAC
            *Global migration requirement

                  Also proven in harsh environments: The AKM Washdown Food is
                  resistant to most acids and bases, as well as aggressive substances.

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