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AKM  Brushless Servo Motor

            The AKM  brushless servo motor stands alone in the marketplace in terms of flexibility and performance advantages. Kollmorgen’s
            culture of continuous improvement has paid dividends again. The AKM servo motor’s innovative design has been polished and
            optimized. With the new AKD amplifier, the distinguished AKM servo motor sets a new standard of refined servo performance, designed
            to deliver precise motion and more power for your money. Nowhere else will you find a more versatile and complete servo family to
            meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

                       Numerous connection options       Over 4.8 million standard configurations
   O MO
                                                                                         Robust: Housing and
                                                                                        front flange produced
                                                                                        from one casting

                                                                                               Heavy-duty shaft,
               High degree of accuracy                                                         optionally with reinforced
               thanks to digital feedback                                                      bearings (AKM8 only)
               systems (optional)


   O MO

             Numerous feedback options
             such as the SFD3 digital
             resolver, single-turn and                                                        Smaller and lighter motors
             multi-turn absolute encoders                                                     due to high torque densities

                        Motor design that cuts to the chase –
                        with customer-specific windings or    Worldwide availability and user support through the
                        modifications.                        international Kollmorgen sales and support network

                     •  8 frame sizes from 40 to 260 mm           •  Numerous flange and shaft options
                     •  28 housing and design length combinations  •  Minimal cogging and high degree of efficiency
                     •  120+ standard windings for 120/240/400/480 V  •  Extensive customization options with special
                     •  Winding options for low DC voltage          windings and shafts

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