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AKM  Servo Motor

 Kollmorgen’s AKM family of servo motors gives you unprecedented choice   The Benefits of AKM  Servo Motor
 and flexibility from a wide range of standard products so you can select   • Best-in-Class Performance  • Industry-leading motor power density   SER
                                                                                                                        V ®
 the best servo motor for your application. By pairing AKM servo motors with   • Same size AKM/AKD system delivers up to 47% more shaft power   SER
 our family of plug-and-play AKD  servo drives, selecting the right motion control   • Compensation for stiff and compliant transmissions and couplings
                                                                                                                        O MO V
                                                          • Exceptionally low cogging                                   ORS
 products has never been easier. Pick from thousands of servo motor/servo drive
             • Flexibility to Find an Exact-fit Solution in a Standard Product  • AKM offers 28 frame-stack combinations and 120 standard windings  T
                                                                                                                        T O MO
 combinations outlined in this selection guide or go to our website to find the best     in a single motor line         OR
 solution for your application.                           • 4.8 million possible AKM part number combinations and growing
                                                          • Simplifies or eliminates mechanical modifications and engineering
 Standard AKM servo motors and AKD servo drives offer the best of both   • Available with single cable technology with digital feedback (Digital
                                                               Resolver SFD3 or HIPERFACE  DSL)
 worlds – the exact specifications of a custom solution with the faster   • Washdown and Food Grade options for AKM
 delivery times and lower cost of a standard catalog product. For your truly   • Higher torque models up to 180 Nm of continuous torque
 unique motion control applications, work with our engineering team to customize   • Ease-of-Use and Faster Commissioning  • Plug-and-play motor recognition drive commissioning
 a solution for your machine design. Either way, standard product or customized,   • Reduce cycle time and sensor-and-wiring costs by eliminating traditional
                                                            homing methods
 we can help you choose the motion control solution that meets your exact   • Reduction in set-up time for each servo system

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