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Kollmorgen Servo Motor Overview

 Kollmorgen offers a comprehensive range of servo motors including electric cylinders, rodless actuators, and
 precision tables to meet a wide range of application requirements.  For actuator products not included in this
 catalog go to for information about other Kollmorgen linear positioning products.

 Product                         Product                                                                                K
 Model  Applications  Model                                               Features                                      V
 Family                          Family
 Designed with industry leading torque density and configurability.                                                     O MO
 The AKM line includes over 4.8 million standard options to fit   Designed to deliver precise motion and more power for your money. More than 500,000 standard   T
 AKM  Servo Motors  AKM  AKM Servo Motors  AKM
 applications from general automation to applications that require   configurations that include various feedback, connector, paint and sealing options.  ORS
 IP67 sealing.
                                                                                                                        OLLMORGEN SER
 The AKMH meets the food industry’s strictest hygienic design   The AKMH is designed to withstand the toughest of daily washdown regimens without the need   V
 AKMH IP69K   AKMH  criteria while being rugged enough to withstand the toughest of   AKMH IP69K   for covers. The AKMH’s hygienic design makes it easy to clean, keeping your machine running and
                                                                                                                        O MO
 Hygienic Motors  daily washdown regimens. Perfect for Food Processing, Primary   Hygienic Motor  AKMH  protecting your brand. Designed with a single cable that combines power, feedback and an innovative   T
 Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical and Medical applications.  venting feature that extends the life of the motor.          OR O
 The CDDR is designed to provide the benefit of embedded   The CDDR is a patented design that allows for this torque dense frameless motor to be installed on   VER
 Cartridge Direct Drive   CDDR  frameless motor technology in an easy-to-integrate package.   Cartridge Direct Drive   CDDR  your machine in 5 minutes. The CDDR lowers your machines maintenance, increases your machines
 Servo Motors    Servo Motors                                                                                           VIEW
 Perfect for applications in Printing, Packaging and Converting.  uptime and increase your machines peformance.
 Housed DDR motors are designed for precise positioning of larger
 Housed Direct Drive   HDDR  loads without the use of a mechanical transmission. Increasing OEE   Housed Direct Drive   HDDR  Housed DDR motors are maintenance free and run more quietly and with better dynamics than systems
 Servo Motors  through the removal of belts and gearboxes that fail unexpectedly   Servo Motors  that use gears, belts, cams or other mechanical transmission components.
 or require frequent maintenance.

 With a wide variety of sizes and an extensive range of torque
 KBM Frameless Direct   KBM  and speed options the KBM frameless direct drive motors are   KBM Frameless Direct   KBM  KBM motors cover a range of frameless motor solutions across a variety of applications. KBM is
                                           engineered to provide the high-performance, long life and simple installation that today’s design
 Drive Motors  engineered to provide the high-performance, long life and simple   Drive Motors  engineers demand.
 installation that today’s design engineers demand.

 The Kollmorgen TBM frameless direct direct drive motors are
 designed for applications that require high power in a small,
 TBM Frameless Direct   compact form factor with minimized weight and inertia. These   TBM Frameless Direct   Typical applications include robotic joints, weapon stations, sensor gimbals, sight systems, UAV
 TBM                              TBM
 Drive Motors  motors provide the highest performance in applications such as   Drive Motors  propulsion and guidance, as well as many others.
 robotic joints, medical robotics, sensor gimbals, guidance systems
 and other motion-critical applications.

 Ideal for applications requiring very low bearing friction, high
 Direct Drive Linear   IC  acceleration of lighter loads, and for maximizing constant velocity,   Direct Drive Linear   IC  Kollmorgen linear motors provide precise placement of product by directly coupling to your load and
 Servo Motors  IL  Servo Motors     IL     eliminating the backlash associated with high maintenance linear transmission components.
 even at ultra low speeds.

                                                                                                                TM TM
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